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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Please read carefully

§ 1

General conditions

These Terms of Use describe conditions of using website FMX24.COM and its services by the User.

Before registration User has to read and accept all the conditions and entries in this document and in the Privacy Policy. To access some of the FMX24.COM functionality you have to be registered User (Member).

By completing the registration process and using the FMX24.COM User accepts these Term of Use and Privacy Policy.

§ 2

Our mission and vision

The main role of the service FMX24.COM is to promote and develop international trade contacts between producers of unique, luxury, rare goods, inventors as well as suppliers of premium services from the one side and potential clients from the other side. We would like to give customers the opportunity to find here potential partners who would cover their needs, too.

FMX24.COM is not the place where you can find mass product.

Our service is not trade platform. By using FMX24.COM User gets access to the information about potential suppliers and their offer or potential customers and their needs. Registration and use of FMX24.COM is generally free of charge. There can be implemented some other and extra services in the future, which could be paid. In such situation User will be informed about new paid features and options. Appropriate entries will be made to the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

§ 3

Duration of the agreement

The agreement begins at the moment of completing the registration process by the User.

The agreement ends at the moment of deleting account by the User or FMX24.COM staff.

Account termination can be made anytime by the User or by the FMX24.COM with a 14 day notice period. However, FMX24.COM has right to terminate the User’s account immediately if he or she acts against the rules contained in this document. FMX24.COM can also ask User to change or delete given data with the specific deadline if it acts against these Terms of Use. If the User does not react, the account and data can be terminated immediately by the FMX24.COM.

§ 4

§ 4.1

Functionality of FMX24.COM

FMX24.COM is the web service, where User can:

a)      place, present, promote his / her unique goods and premium services as a potential supplier;

b)      search for unique goods and premium services as a potential acquirer by placing the announcement with detailed information and expectations.

It is forbidden to insert following products, services or information:

a)       which have racist character;

b)       which have sexual character;

c)       which offend personal or religious feelings and/or rights;

d)       which are against international rights, rules or violate international agreements;

e)       which are mass / common products.

§ 4.2

Examples of products and services.

Hereby we give the information about potential products and services which are welcome at the FMX24.COM:

a)      unique and rare raw materials like gold, diamonds, platinum, etc.;

b)      designer’s jewelry;

c)      special services like e.g. diamond’s sanding;

d)      special services dedicated to develop international trading exchange, e.g. state or private companies, non-profit organizations, etc. which  act in the innovative way;

e)      limited and luxury series of domestic products like e.g. coffee machine designed by famous artist or made from rare materials or design  furniture made from stainless steel and rare kind of wood;

f)      inventive and innovative products;

g)      special machines;

h)      other non common goods and services.

Above listed products and services are only example. There is much more and we hope it will be presented on FMX24.COM web site.

§ 4.3

Limit of placed products.

The maximum number of products placed by one company or user is limited to 3. If the User places more than 3, FMX24.COM will delete the oldest ones. There is not allowed, that one company has more than one user / account here, nor one user more than one account here. The general rule is: one company, one user, one account. In addition to 3 products user has an opportunity to present his / her company, technically, by placing the 4th product in a "Sellers catalog" category.

§ 4.4

Other regulations and rules concerning the functionality of FMX24.COM

§ 4.4.1

We concentrate in the first phase of existing of Foreign Market Exchange site on the products, not on the services. However, this will be the next step in the site development. The same applies to forum and section, where Users' needs could be announcement. There will be information placed on our site everytime the funcionality of FMX24.COM will evolve.

§ 4.4.2

FMX24.COM is not responsible for disruption of service functionality cause by random events.

§ 4.4.3

FMX24.COM has right to change these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy document. An adequate message will be send to the user. If user do not accept the changes, he / she can terminate the account immediately, without notice period. User has 14 callender days to express and report disapproval for changes by sending us appropriate message via contact form which is here. If we don't receive user's disapproval to the changes in Terms of Use and Privacy Policy within the 14 days, it is assumed the user accepts the changes.

§ 4.4.4

The official language of the FMX24.COM site is English. All the information has to be written in English, otherwise the data will be deleted. For those, who have problem with English, just let your text translate in internet. It is not our native language, so we make mistakes, as well.

§ 5

Content and responsibility

FMX24.COM has right to control and assessment all the User’s entries in terms of conformity with the principles listed in these Terms of Use. In case the information does not follow the rules of the service FMX24.COM will remove / delete it. In extreme situations and flagrant violations of the rules User’s account can be deleted and User banned.

FMX24.COM is not responsible for the information placed by the User. The responsibility for the inserted data is fully on the User’s side (text, pictures, files, etc.). This applies to the truthfulness of the contained information, as well.

FMX24.COM can contain links to external web sites. We have no influence on the content of those sites and we are not responsible for it. For the content of those web sites are always responsible their appropriate administrators, users, etc.

§ 6

Privacy Policy

User has right to check the given data, edit or delete it.

If User has problem with editing or deleting the information, he / she can ask the FMX24.COM staff to perform the action.

FMX24.COM collects and use data given by the User only to perform its mission and vision in the best way.

FMX24.COM does not give, share or sell the data given by the User to the third party persons nor companies. FMX24.COM can ask User if he / she wishes that his / her data would be given further and this could be made only under clear User’s permission and acceptation.

FMX24.COM does its best to protect all the data given by the User and to keep it safe.

§ 7

Cookies & Google Analytics

Our service uses cookies and Google Analytics to collect automatically such data as e.g. user’s IP, type of browser, type of system, length of visit, etc. and to analyze the collected data. It is used only to make our site more attractive and friendly for the User, as well as to identify User when he or she visits our service next time, etc. It will not be provided to any third party.


User can prevent data collection by installing the special browser plug-in from this link (https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en-GB), where more information about cookies can be found, either. About Privacy Policy of Google Analytics User can read details here (http://www.google.com/intl/en_ALL/analytics/learn/privacy.html).


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