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First of all we would like to thank for your interest in FMX24.COM

You have to register yourself by giving the essentialn information about yourself and your COMPANY. The more accurate the data is, the easier you will be found. Please remember that most information is essential to finish registration process and add product. In this way we try to place and show here real persons, companies and products.

Hereby we will try to describe appropriate way to place your product on our site, shortly and accurate.

1. Write the title / name for your product. The more accurate it will be, the better chance to be seen and found. Max length is limited to 16 characters including spaces and special ones.

2. Make intro photo of your product. It will be shown on the category site, it should be of maximum 150px height. Width is automaticly adjusted. If you don't have photo of the product, it can be logo of your company for example.

3. Write the detailed description for the product. From this text the intro one will be cut. That's why you should write most important things at the beginning of the description within first 80 characters, including spaces and special ones. It will be shown under the intro photo in the product category view. The limit for intro text is 80 characters, as mentioned.

4. Make main photo of the product. It will be placed together with the detailed product description. It will be automaticly adjusted to the maximum 50% of the span with product information. Please remember that uploaded data can be maximum of 0,5 MB. If you don't have photo of the product, you can add here photo i.e. of your company building.

5. Choose the product category, where it should be placed. If there is not listed the proper category, just write it under "Other" and we will add a new one.

6. Write and place direct link to your personal site, product etc. We ask you to do the same on your web site. Whether you do this or not depends on you. Anyway, thank you in advance.

7. Check all the data, if there is everything correct.

8. Save your work. It's done.

Easy, isn't it? The limits we made for photos and texts guarantee that all data is accurate and describe most important details, we hope. There is no place for wasting your time and time of potential business partners. Moreover, if someone is not interested from the beginning, he or she will not read even this text. If someone is interested - he or she will find you.

Good luck!


Please help us make fmx24.com better for you.